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Forum Goals and Rules

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting the Your World forums!

Your World was created from a vision of building an environment where artists, world builders, and game players can socialize, have fun, and express their creativity.  One of our primary goals is establish a positive social atmosphere, suitable for all ages, where guests can fellowship with other guests without concern of rude behavior, strife, or any kind of mistreatment.  

Since this Your World's main vision is to bring the community together, in a fun social online environment, we are setting up these guidelines and strictly enforcing them. I have faith this can be done.  I have been blessed to have connected with many wonderful members of the community over the years, who are good people, have great talent and fun to hang out with.  This forum is for all of them and anyone else who wants to share their work, projects, and lives without the worry or stress of combative haters making lives miserable for everyone else

Below the forum rules and guidelines:

1) Absolutely no combative behavior, rude posts, or harsh rhetoric of any kind.  You are free and encouraged to offer constructive feedback of any kind, positive or negative.  For example, providing feedback to a member for their project by stating "This looks bad" or "This is unintuitive" is constructive if your provide reasons and helpful suggestions.  However, simply stating "This is garbage" is rude and not conducive to the positive social environment we are building.  Bottom line, keep it polite at all times

2) No public confrontations to other members or staff of any kind.  This should not be an issue, unless the goal is to embarrass or humiliate someone publicly.  You are free to express any grievance with any member or staff, but it should be done through a private message 

3) No text or subject matter that is inappropriate for all ages.  Your World is a product for all age groups, including pre-teens so please keep it clean and E rated

4) No spreading of misinformation, aggressive exaggerations, and lies.  

Posts that violate the above rules will be deleted and the author will be sent a private warning message, out of respect to the author. 

We are confident we can build a strong community where people can share their work and socialize with other designers and gamers, without all the hate that often accompanies forums.  Your World is more than just a tool.  It is a vision to build online worlds, simulators, and games where people can play, experience other realities, and social with friends in a fun and friendly environment.  We hope you will join us!

Your World Dev Group

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